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Featured Dog.

Roadrunner is a very handsome, smart, active boy! He needs an active family to run & play with. He would greatly benefit from some training classes.He can be quite the lover but he gets distracted quite easily!He needs to be the only dog in the home. We are unsure about cats. I imagine that he would chase them. We can test him if needed.He would be a great running or hiking partner. He may even be able to learn frisbee!He is neutered, up to date on vaccines & current on flea, tick & heartworm prevention. His adoption fee is $140.


Featured Cat

Hi there. Don't mind me. I'm just lounging in MY area enjoying the new shelves the Boy Scouts built for ME. I'm Tina, a one year old domestic shorthair. If you have a sunroom or a big window for me to lounge in, then you're my dream come true. I do come up to greet people when they come into MY area and will accept any lovin' they want to give me, but don't expect me to jump in your lap looking for lovin' - until I get to know you real well. I get along with my roommates here, so there is no problem with other furbabies. I even allow them to sun with me in MY patio.



Training and Beyond

on July 16, 2014

Second Chance Animal Sanctuary Starts Training from the first time we meet any animal...

Second Chance Animal Sanctuary Starts Training from the first time we meet any animal...

SCAS Veterinary & Rescue Team is second to none.. from the first time they meet any animal they begin the process of socialization, assessment and care. While they would love to be able to rescue every animal in need it just isn't possible. But they rescue as many as they can. Starting with the first encounter the team assesses issues like health, socialization, behavioral and general disposition.


  • As soon as any animal is rescued by SCAS they begin to receive the best in care and Second Chances!
  • Completely Vetted and Health issues Resolved
  • Basic Socialization
  • The Vet Staff at SCAS start the animals on the road of Happy Tails


  • Next comes the chance for the Administration/Office Team to take over as the dogs and cats are transferred to Adoption Status.
  • The Office/Admin team co-ordinates information passed on from the Vet Team and assesses needs and Individual care of each animal. They too begin to handle, care for and love these animals which will also assist the animals in transitioning into trusting, socialized behaviors.


  • Working with the Office staff the Kennel/Direct Care Staff assumes responsibility of the care of these animals. 
  • SCAS Kennel/Direct Care Staff is a amazing group/Team also. Dedicated to preparing the dogs and cats for their new Happy Lives.
  • Direct Care Staff begins to socialize and train the new arrivals better preparing them for new homes.
  • Each team member helps the animals to learn trust, social skills, and basic good citizenship behaviors.
  • Training Starts on Day One at SCAS


  • Then comes the reward.. Adoption day. Every Dog has it's day!
  • Our rescues at SCAS are here until adopted.. we are a No Kill Sanctuary and every animal gets to be with us until they get new homes!
  • Easy Huh? Sounds Great Right? 1-2-3-4 Adopted well... not all stories go that smooth.
  • What about the ones that have issues, behavior problems, are lil brats.. (LOL)
  • Before or After the Adoption
  • Either way SECOND CHANCE'S GOES BEYOND the average care.


Of basic Expectations
SCAS Has committed to going beyond basics, we have implemented a new
program that assesses each dog and cat.
Each animal has a specific program custom made for them.
(Mainly the dogs)
Each dog is assessed and a training program designed for their own
specific needs to assist in the adoption readiness process..
Every dog at SCAS will continue to be trained in all basic commands,
good citizenship qualifications, and socialization skills.
Then if still not adopted we address specific issues that may be
preventing them from happy tails.

SCAS has employed it's own Dog Trainer to ensure that Every Dog Has It's Day! After Each Adoption the new families are given access to:

  • The trainer's Training methods
  • A history of the dogs behavior
  • A progression Report
  • A "Still Needs List"

PLUS we go beyond the Adoption..

Offering each adopting family the chance to stay in touch with our trainer, and work thru any new issues that might come up. From House training to socializing, we go beyond the adoption.