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Light the Tree 2020

Watch our tree light up as we raise funds to help all our furry friends this holiday season. Your donation to Second Chance is a 501(c)(3) tax deductible gift.

How to Light the Tree

  1. Click on a light bulb or a package of your desired dollar amount
  2. Make you donation with a credit card, debit card or your PayPal account.
  3. To send your message of love, please email ( us. If you have already made a donation, it is not too late! Just email us and let us know.
  4. You can also mail a donation to us at PO Box 1266 Norman, OK 73070. Don't forget to include your message of love!

Light Bulb Donation

Select your donation and watch our tree light up for the holidays! Be sure to honor your fur-baby or other loved one in your custom message and we'll display it on our website during this holiday fundraiser.

Package Donation

Select your donation and watch the gifts pile up under the tree for the holidays! Be sure to honor your fur-baby or other loved one in your custom message and we'll display it on our website during this holiday fundraiser.

Watch our Tree LIGHT UP!   Funds Raised: $11,230

christmas tree partially lit with gifts beneath

Name of Donor  Donation Amount Memo
Jim Reinish Yellow Bulb In honor of Bella and Henry
Dee Bartrug Red Bulb ------
Sue Huntere Yellow Bulb A Merry Christmas to the staff at Second Chance.
You all do so much to help animals.
We appreciate all you do. Thank you! 
Jerry Timmons & Randy Coder Yellow Bulb In loving memory of BoJo and Roxi beloved pets of Madi and Nate DeBee.
Steve and Tanya Somers Yellow Bulb In Honor of Bandit
Valere Hull Blue Bulb In loving memory of Mariah, a 16 1/2 year-old chocolate point Siamese
Beckie Dolley Bulb In memory of Princess and Bailey 8
Marilynne LiaBraaten Yellow Bulb Merry Christmas!
Sheila Nettles Yellow Bulb
Sharon Lawson Green Bulb
Thanks for all you do! Merry Christmas! The Lawson Family
Angela Fletcher Blue Bulb
Gail Cope Pink Bulb
Tanya Somers Yellow Bulb
Meghan Brobst Pink Bulb
Rachel Jarvis Pink Bulb
Michelle Center Green Bulb Happy Holidays, thank you for all you do! Love Gatsby and his forever family (Michelle, Chet and Zane Center)
Scott Gronlund Blue Bulb
William Martinsen Green Bulb
Meghan Cassidy Green Bulb
Allison Hutchings Package (1)
Dee Bartrug Red Bulb
Mary Lowe Purple Bulb Merry Christmas to the Carrick Family and their 3 dogs Love Aunt Becky
Hollis McMasters Green Bulb  My family wouldn't be complete without the sweet kitty (formerly Rooney, now Nepeta) we adopted from you years ago. Thank you for everything you do, from the Cara-McMasters home!
Brianne Hinojosa Blue Bulb
Steven Kaiser Blue Bulb
Billy and Dabbie Grice Yellow Bulb In loving memory of our little girl "Fergie"
Brice Kornegay Package (10) Package (8) In honor of Bart and Lisa Kornegay 
Ruth Prado Purple Bulb Mom! We love you. Have a very Merry Christmas! We miss you. Love Joe 
Veronica Gille Package (1) Merry Christmas! I love you very much! Love your husband. 
Gail Howell Yellow Bulb My Christmas wish is that all the fur babies find a forever home. God Bless you all for doing what you do.
Deb Eldridge In loving memory of Judy Calhoun.  
Phylis Larsen Green and Pink Bulb In honor of my sweet dachsund Frank and in celebration and thanks for my new best friend Dappley from Second Chance. Christmas Blessings to all.
Debra Wood Green Bulb We miss our sweet Millie, every day! <3 love="" you="" bunches="" --3--="">
Anna Little Blue Bulb
Roy and April Parcher Yellow Bulb In loving memory of Judy Calhoun.  She was an advocate for animals and also for all the UAW members she took great care of. 
Kurt Cepeda Blue Bulb
Beth Pepper Yellow Bulb
Erica Gattis Blue Bulb
Michelle “Mikki”
Sosbee and Family
000Package(2) 000In honor of Ladonna and Tony Proctor, thank you for all you 000do for the Little Ones!
Heather Tomlinson 000Red Bulb In honor of Tiffany Haendel, for all of her amazing work with her fosters. She has saved 99 kitties so far and we are so proud. She is a hard worker with a kind heart.
Candace Lisle In memory of Jeff Hamilton
Taylor Suflita 000Package(2)
Carol Guilliams 000Blue Bulb
Julie Roberson 000Yellow Bulb
Cheryl Richeson 000Blue Bulb
000Thank you, Second Chance, for our adopted animals through 
000the years! Hilda, Loki and Holly (Ethel)
Ben Watson 000Yellow Bulb 000Donation in honor of Harry (formerly Harvey) Watson
Aaron and Jamie Austin  000Package(9) 000Thank you for all that you do!
Elizabeth Litov 000Blue Bulb 000Thank you for all you do!
Rachel Green 000Blue Bulb
Sally Farris 000Red Bulb
Helen Allen 000Yellow Bulb
Chris Rackley 000Blue Bulb
Dana Thomason 000Red Bulb In honor of our sweet rescue, Dixie (formerly Twinkie)
Alexis Williams 000Green Bulb
Rachel Brown 000Red Bulb
Laressa Beliele 000Green Bulb
Janice Shockley 000Red Bulb In memory of Harley, my faithful kitty for 13 years. 
David and Sherri Durica 00Package (2)
Richard Taylor 0Purple Bulb
University Liquor 00Package (8) and Yellow Bulb
Karen Meyer 00Package (3)  In Memory of Maxx, Barkley and Manfred
Jerri Cachero 0Green Bulb In Memory of Callie, Tai Bo, Sable and J.P. (Our beloved feline kids)
Janet Forman 00Package (2) 
Ron and Lisa Guenther 00Package (1)  In Memory of my best buddy, Saphron who died December 21, 2015. Cats may come and cats may go, but there will never be one as wonderful and giving as Saphron. 
Tamara Amburn 0Green Bulb Merry Christmas! Luv Tripp
Chris Z Jones 0Blue Bulb In Memory of Abby (best black lab ever!)
Sunburst Production, LLC 0Package (8) Holiday Donation in Memory of Miriam L. Murphy
Charlotte Goebel 0Yellow Bulb Merry Christmas (a little late) to Second Chance. We appreciate what you do for the dogs & cats of Norman. 
John Zubialde and Vickie Loemker 0Package (3) In honor of Mary Louise Zubialde 
Victor Athanas and May Kin Kung 0 Package (10) In Memory of Kaye Hurley