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Featured Dog

My name is Kiley, tho my buddy calls me Sausage or his "Little Dumpling." I'm about 50 pounds of lovin and kissin.  I do come with a little baggage.  First, I must be the only B-DOC (Big-Dog On Campus).  I don't react well to other dogs.  Secondly, I'm allergic to chainlink. Not the I get sick type of allergic.  Its more the I don't like to see new people come up to my chainlink. While walking on a leash, I normally have no problem with new people.  You may have to visit with me a couple of times before we are comfortable with each other.  They tell me I'm about 4 years old and a boxer mix.  If I'm part boxer, I want to know where the rest of my legs are.  Mine are about 12" and that's if I stand straight and stretch hard.  So, come on down and lets have a visit.  Bring the family, let's all get to know each other.

Featured Cat

Hey there:) Walford here. I'm a 4 year old shorthair. And if i do say so myself, I'm one handsome hep-cat. My picture doesn't really do me justice.  It does show how mellow I am, but not handsomeness of the whole that is me. You can see my black marks between my ears (in the shape of horns, BTW). What is missing is my black and grey racoon like tail.  Quite a contrast from the rest of my pure white body. I'm friendly as can be, once I get comfortable with you. You can tell when I'm comfortable with you, I'll roll to my back for a belly rub. I can tell time, I know when its feeding time and I get to my place to be served.  I promise I will not wreck your furniture with clawing as I have no front claws. Come on in and see me, I'm looking forward to meet my purrfect family.

Dog Day Afternoon

Dog Day Flyer

Dog Day Flyer

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